Refund, Cancellation and Delivery Policy

If the client wishes to cancel the service, they are entitled to apply for a refund. We strive to ensure that the services you avail through our website are to your full satisfaction and are the best in the Industry at extremely reasonable and affordable rates. However, there may arise Situations when you desire a refund. Firstly, when you pay for the services, but later on decide that you do not wish to avail them. Secondly, when there is a delay in the services offered from our side, beyond the time frame we have intimated to you, due to human error i.e., factors for which we are solely responsible. Thirdly, although we highly doubt it, you might find our services unsatisfactory. In all three situations, kindly send in an email to: [email protected] Upon receiving your mail, the Senior Management at Globallink shall decide on whether your request for a refund should be processed, contingent on the reasons for such a request. Please note that we reserve the right to take the final and binding decision about requests for a refund. Most importantly, we wish to clarify that in cases outside our control, including but not limited to national holidays, department holidays, our affiliates, or elsewhere, acts of war, acts of God, earthquake, riot, sabotage, labour shortage or dispute, internet interruption, power disruption, lack of phone network connectivity, technical failures, breakage of sea cable, hacking, piracy, we shall not liable for any delays. If we confirm your request for a refund, subject to the terms and conditions mentioned herein or elsewhere, we will send you an e-mail seeking the details required to refund the amount which may include your Bank Account details such as the account number and the IFS code of the branch in question. Kindly note that it will take us a minimum of about 48-72 working hours from the receipt of all such information to process the refund and initiate the transfer. We reiterate once again that only the professional fees paid for our services shall be refunded, subject to the discretion of the Senior Management at Globallink Management Consultants. We assure you that we are continuously working to improve our services and we are welcome to any   suggestions from your end. For any other queries please contact our customer service desk at: [email protected] We appreciate your interest and support. In this policy, terms “you” or “user” refers to the reader or customer. Whereas terms “us”, “we” and “our” refers to the company, “Globallink”. We have developed this policy for the convenience and safety of both parties’ rights in relation to the efforts, time and money consumed in the initiating and concluding of this policy and/or agreement. Globallink is committed to provide high-quality services to its clients with every purchase of services. We also understand that in some cases you may want to cancel the service or ask for a refund of the money submitted for any service. Most of our services comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. However, certain terms and conditions may apply on the claims of service cancellation or refunds, including:

  • You should come accompanied with a proof of service purchase at the time of cancellation or refund.
  • If you have discarded or misplaced the original receipt, you would have to sign a copy, or an exchange note against your acquired service (s).
  • You must present a valid reason of why you want to cancel the service.
  • In some cases, a formal application for the cancellation or refund will be required.
  • Service received is not as described or agreed

Non-refundable or Non-cancellable services may include:

  • Customized or special services tailored for a customer
  • Cancellation or refund after a valid period of 30 days – extra charges may apply after it
  • You received the required service but still want to cancel it
  • Cancellation of a service through email – until and unless approved by us.

You can contact us at +9715539901 between 9am – 6pm Sunday – Thursday for further information and details. Thanking you Global Link Documents Clearing Services