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Mainland Company Formation in Dubai

Dubai has been at the nucleus of economic growth and development in the UAE. It offers all the fundamental features conducive to progress for modern-day businesses. Mainland company formation in Dubai is a great choice for anyone looking to do business locally and internationally without any restriction.

Business formation in Dubai is attractive due to its world-class infrastructure and thriving economy. But starting a business in Dubai means a clear understanding of your business structure, choosing the right type of company, and business operations.

With Global Link Business Formation services, you can enjoy a fast and hassle-free business setup in the region. With over a decade of experience in the industry, our expert team is familiar with all the rules, regulations, and procedures involved in Mainland company formation in Dubai.

Types of Legal Entities for Business Formation in Dubai

There are 6 main types of legal entities that licensed professionals can use to form a business in Dubai, UAE:

  • Limited Liability Company (LLC)
  • General Partnership Company
  • Sole proprietorship
  • Joint Venture Company
  • Shareholding Company
  • Corporation

Types of Business Licenses for Mainland Business Formation in Dubai

A business license is critical for company registration in Dubai. There are mainly three main types of business licenses in the UAE:

  • Professional Business License– It is a type of Sole Establishment, allowing you to own 100% shares of your company while the UAE national will assist you as a local service agent.
  • Commercial Business License– Dubai Commercial License includes all types of trading activities. If you apply for this license type, a minimum of 51% of your company shares are owned by the UAE national (local sponsor). The local sponsor can be an individual or a corporate entity.
  • Industrial Business License– This license is applicable for manufacturing or industrial industry.

Benefits of Mainland Business Formation in Dubai

  • Flexibility to conduct business activities and trade freely, with local and governmental authorities, both in the UAE or outside UAE.
  • No minimum capital requirement
  • The registration process is simple and prompt
  • Zero corporate and income taxes
  • Freely expand the business and related activities to various industries
  • Set up the physical office anywhere in the UAE mainland
  • 100% Foreign Ownership (Professional License)
  • World-class Infrastructure

Steps Involved in Mainland Business Formation in Dubai

  • Choose the company name
  • Determine the nature and activity of the business
  • Selecting a local partner
  • Applying for approval for mainland business setup
  • Finding an office space and getting the address verified
  • Submitting the final application for opening a mainland business

An important point to note here – when opening a new mainland business, investors need a local partner who will sign all the legal and governmental documents. The local sponsors aren’t necessarily involved in the business operations with you. At Global Link, we provide our clients with the special service of Corporate Local Nominee partnership. It ensures that you meet all the criteria required for Mainland company formation in Dubai while also ensuring that your business is fully secure.

Why Should You Choose Global Link?

Global Link is a leading provider of business formation services in Dubai mainland. We provide expert consultation at each stage of the company formation process in Dubai, starting from helping clients get a verified address for their business facility by the proper authority. We ensure that you fulfill all the required factors before submitting your application for a mainland company formation in Dubai. We also help you get a proper business license and necessary visas as per the registration requirements. We at Global Link put our clients first, delivering hassle-free business formation solutions for you and ensuring that your day-to-day operations start without delay.


There are 3 types of jurisdictions available for company formation in Dubai- Mainland, Free Zone, and Offshore Company formation.

As a Dubai Mainland Company, you can conduct business activities both locally and internationally with any limit. You also have the option to work with the local and government authorities throughout the UAE.

Foreign investors need a local sponsor for business formation in Dubai Mainland. This process can be made easier with the help of a UAE business formation consultant company like Global Link, helping you find a company location, find a local sponsor, prepare all your documents, and register your business with the local authorities.

Mainland Companies in Dubai enjoy unrestricted trade across the region and the globe. You also get complete repatriation of profits and capital for all types of companies. You can also fully enjoy the world-class infrastructure along with simple labor and tax related laws.

There are several legal documents required to setup your business in Dubai, including:

  • License Applications
  • Required Governmental Forms
  • Trade Name Registration Documents
  • Business Activity Form
  • Tenancy Contract
  • Entry stamp or Visa page
  • Copy of NOC for Partners