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Banking Introductions

Having a corporate bank account is an essential requirement of being able to do business in the UAE. Dubai has over 50 commercial banks, 29 authorized custodians, and numerous licensed money service businesses. With so many options, selecting the best corporate banking account for your business can be a complex and very time-consuming process.

Increased legislation around international transparency and anti-money laundering mean that nowadaysthere is agreater level of due diligence involved in opening a corporate bank account than was previously required. Not only this, but the processes and documentation required to open an account can vary significantly from one bank to another and in many cases, it may be necessary to have documents certified or notarised and translated before they will be accepted.

Engaging a reputable corporate services company to provide banking introductions can simplify and expedite this process.

Global Link has longstanding relationships with key UAE banking institutions. We can advise you on the best banking solution for your business and liaise with all relevant parties on your behalf ensuring that you have all the required documentation to make the process as swift and seamless as possible.