Business Setup Services

Corporate Structures

Corporate structure refers to how a business is organized to achieve its goals. It encompasses the establishment of the basic structure of a company and the alignment of the different departments or business units within an organization to ensure a strong base for successful operations.

A clearly defined corporate structure is of paramount importance to every business as it helps to ensure the smooth running of an organization and prevent any disconnect between departments that may create friction or miscommunication. It also establishes the effective financial management and regulatory compliance of a business.

Structuring your business operations can become complicated, especially when there are multiple business units across numerous jurisdictions.

Global Link has comprehensive knowledge of commercial laws and regulations across the UAE as well as excellent working relationships with regulatory authorities and government bodies.

We can help you:

  • Select the right commercial or investment vehicle for your objectives
  • Ensure your business is fully compliant with all laws and regulations
  • Establish appropriate legal ownership to best serve all stakeholders
  • Make appropriate strategic changes to maximize organizational efficiency and align with company goals