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Company Secretary/Resident Agent Services

The role of the company secretary has evolved from being solely an administrative servant of the board to one of much broader scope and responsibilities. Nowadays, a company secretary is a much more specialized role with a much broader remit. The company secretary is of paramount importance to the effective management of a company and the fulfilment of all legal, regulatory, risk, and compliance obligations. This means not only advising on directors’ statutory duties under UAE Law but also acting as a board advisor to ensure that good corporate governance is adhered to.

Some of the typical duties of a company secretary include:

Outsourcing this function to an experienced and reputable corporate services provider will ensure that your company complies with all financial and legal requirements in your company’s jurisdiction of incorporation and that business decisions are made in a timely manner and in the best interests of your company.

As company secretary, Global Link will:

  • Maintain the company’s statutory books and records
  • File statutory returns
  • Ensure accounting deadlines are adhered to
  • Ensure that corporate governance is maintained in good standing in all relevant jurisdictions
  • File paperwork for any changes in board and shareholder structures