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Nominee General Manager/Director

A nominee general manager/director is a natural person or legal entity appointed by a company owner or shareholders to act on behalf of the company’s beneficial owner. In the UAE, nominee general managers are often used when registering an offshore company in order to ensure the anonymity of the company’s owner. The nominee GM legally represents the company, appears in all legal and corporate documentation but acts solely on behalf of the beneficial owner and any actions that he/she performs such as signing contracts or other official documents, are done exclusively in compliance with the company beneficiary.

In some instances, nominee general manager/director services are also used when incorporating an onshore company in the UAE. This may be necessary if the chosen candidate is not available to sign all incorporation documents or does not have a valid UAE residence visa.

In such cases, a nominee can be used as an interim solution to act on behalf of the beneficiary and allow the company to be incorporated without delay. It may also be desirable if a company is still in the process of selecting a suitable candidate to the role of general manager and the appointment of a nominee is necessary while the recruitment process is still in progress.

Global Link’s nominee general manager services allow you to:

  • Protect the anonymity of your company’s beneficial owner
  • Minimise the burden of unnecessary documentation
  • Manage company transactions through a power of attorney
  • Simplify the process of opening a corporate bank account