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Set up your business in DAFZA free zone

The Dubai airport free zone ‘DAFZA’ is one of the world’s most prestigious, innovative and advanced free zones in the United Arab Emirates. We facilitate licensing support for starting a business in Dubai, along with the all-inclusive paperwork, administrative as well as government formalities necessary to set up operations for global businesses and foreign investment. The world class infrastructure and strategic location provide DAFZA clients a second to none experience to perform business activities effectively and efficiently in both cost and services. Benefits include tax exemptions, investor incentives, and no currency restrictions make the Dubai airport free zone, DAFZA one of the world’s most attractive, and fastest growing economic growth opportunities across the world.

Dafza – Dubai airport free zone authority is ranked number one globally by the foreign direct investment magazine’s global free zones & awards in 2012-2013. DAFZA is one of the most prestigious and advanced free zones in Dubai.

Dubai is now considered the epicenter of the global world be it in tourism or trade. Thus, making Dafza an ideal base to do business in the Middle East by providing a business-friendly environment, world class infrastructure, tax exemptions, full repatriation of earning, total ownership and exceptional facilities. Strategically located next to the Dubai international airport, DAFZA boast, rapid clearance and fast processing of paperwork to maximize business activity and efficiency.

Being founded two and half decades ago in 1996, Dubai airport free zone has become the gateway for a remarkable number of global investors seeking business opportunities in the Middle East region. Home to over 1600 international firms from various parts of the world, the DAFZA positions itself as one of the fastest growing economic zones in the region.

DAFZA benefits and incentives

The Dubai airport free zone authority (DAFZA) operates in one of the largest and fastest growing economic free zones within the MENA (Middle East and North Africa) Region.

It provides the primary trade licensing support for businesses, to perform their activities in Dubai, this includes the all-inclusive ministrations necessary to set up operations, for global businesses and foreign investors.

DAFZA’s strategic proximity to the Dubai international airport and world-class infrastructure makes it a unique business location that offers much more than standard tax exemptions, are just some of the exclusivities and advantages DAFZA’s clients are entitled to.

Tax exemptions, investor incentives, no currency restriction investors and clients.

Key advantages

  • Proximity to the Dubai international airport.
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities.
  • Minimal time for paperwork and customs processing.
  • All-inclusive administrative and support services.
  • Ease of documentation, registrations and setting up of licences.
  • Investor-centric management.
  • World class business amenities.
  • State of the art business centers.
  • 24/7 customs services and rapid cargo clearance.
  • Dedicated logistics center and helplines
  • 24/7 high end, world class security.

Tax exemptions

  • 100% Corporate Tax Exemption.
  • 100% Personal Income Tax Exemption.
  • 100% Import and Export Tax Exemption.

Investment incentives

  • 100% foreign enterprise ownership
  • 100% repatriation of capital and profits
  • No currency restrictions.

Services offered by DAFZA

  • Comprehensive setup.
    DAFZA executives help businesses at every stage of the incorporation process.
  • Determining your business formation type.
  • Legal consultation.
  • Regulations compliance.
  • To ultimately acquire the trade or service license.
  • Register your company in one of Dubai’s leading free zones.
  • Operational services.
    Once your company has been established, DAFZA offers leasing options in fully serviced like offices and industrial units.
  • Visa assistance.
    • Dubai visa services at DAFZA.
    • Staff sponsorship.
    • Family sponsorship visa assistance.

DAFZA provides businesses and their employees’ hassle free and easy visa application and acquisition.

Business setup in Dubai airport free zone

Setting up your business at DAFZA means joining one of the fastest growing Free Zones in the United Arab Emirates. Strategically location, adjacent to the Dubai International Airport, businesses in DAFZA leverage unique benefits in market access, tax exemptions, and world-class facilities.
Three simple steps are required to begin business activities in the free zone.


Companies operating at Dubai Airport Freezone are mandated follow the DAFZA Registration Regulations. The Dubai Airport Freezone offers two different company formation types: Free Zone Company (FZCO) or Branch of an existing company.


The business activity determines which type of license is required. The investors are required to establish a legal presence and obtain a business license related to the activities the business proposes to undertake.


After all ministrations, registrations and official formalities businesses are handed over their business premises to enjoy and utilize the potential of the DAFZA zone to its potential.

Types of company that can be set up at DAFZA

FZCO setup

The FZCO company type is quite similar to a LLP (limited liability partnership) company that can operate within the free zone. shareholders may be individuals, corporate entities or a combination of the two.

FZCO features

  • Can be from 1-50 shareholders (Individual, corporate or both).
  • Minimum share capital: AED 1,000 per shareholder.
  • Value of each share: AED 1000.

Branch setup

Business entities that already exist can establish a Branch of their parent company in DAFZA. No share capital is required.

Branch feature

  • 100% owned by parent company.
  • Same business name as parent company.
  • Same business activities as parent company.

Business license for company registration in DAFZA

DAFZA offers the following licensing options:

Trade license

Trading activities like import, export & distribution fall under this activity licence profile. A trade license allows the business holders to carry out trading activities including import, export, re-export, distribution, and storage of specific products.

Service license

A service license is attributed to any business entity towards service-oriented businesses and enables the business owners to provide services specified in the license. Note that obtaining a service license requires consultation with DAFZA executives to facilitate the selection of the right category.

Industrial license

An industrial license entitles the holder to carry out light manufacturing industrial activities, packaging and assembling.

General trading license

A general trading license allows the holder to trade in general activities including import, export, re-export, store, and distribute.


DAFZA offers a wide range of business setup and administrative services to its prospective and existing clients. At DAFZA services ease your day to day business operations hence helping businesses can focus on their growth and maximize their potential.

Located within DAFZA are all relevant government departments and private organizations that your business may need to access on a day to day basis to run your business smoothly. The one-stop shop concept brings together the dedicated government service center and private organizations such as Banks and Telecommunications companies to allow you to enjoy the ease of access and seamless processes.

A business set up at Dafza is a highway to success, economic growth and puts your business right in the center of international companies, better business networking and on a highway to economic success.

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