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Before we talk about JAFZA free zone, we need to know some facts first about free zone, Free zone business setup has evolved as a vastly prominent choice for many local and international businesses looking to permeate their name in the market. The unmatched trade freedom provided under this jurisdiction is the main reason why numerous aspiring businesses pursue a corporate presence under it’s label. One of the most recognized and esteemed free zones in UAE is the Jebel Ali free zone located in Dubai. Being at the epicenter of a prosperous economy in the middle east- Dubai, it has managed to amplify it’s growth in leaps and bounds since its inception.

Established in 1985, the JAFZA only hosted a meagre number of 19 businesses at the start. With a planned and strategic approach wedded with an unwavering endeavor over the years to be at the top has enabled JAFZA to proudly host more than 7000 reputed businesses as of late. The solemn goal of broadening the trade boundaries and breaking free of undue corporate restrictions is to be majorly attributed for its success. With exquisite infrastructure, boundless partner support and widespread internal market network, JAFZA offers an unrivaled growth opportunity for every business regardless of its nature and target customers. It’s a launch pad for corporate growth if you are looking to establish firm business foundations in the MEASA region and the world on the whole.

JAFZA’s logistics benefits

JAFZA is no doubt a great platform for fruitful business operations in the local market due to it’s closely interconnected corporate networks. But, what about the companies eyeing for the international market? They need seamless logistics facilities to facilitate trade and transactions with the worldwide market. Fortunately, JAFZA is logistically placed in close proximity to the Jebel Ali port and Al Maktoum international airport helping businesses running under its jurisdiction to connect to the west and the east swiftly and easily. This opens up a world of possibilities for businesses looking to cater to the global market.


The Jebel Ali port is one of the fastest growing ports with great capacity for extensive ocean freight connectivity. It boasts of 150 shipping lines and has the capability to ship 19 million containers yearly.


The Jebel Ali free zone is custom bonded with Al Maktoum international airport and is also in close proximity to the Dubai international airport allowing hassle-free logistics solutions.


The JAFZA is connected to one of the most extensive highways in the region easing up the transportation of the goods to a great extent.


The railway line under construction will directly connect JAFZA to the whole of Arabian Peninsula providing great benefit for businesses.

The Dubai logistics corridor

The Dubai logistics corridor shortens the sea-air transfer time of shipments to a great degree. It’s a bridge that links the Jebel Ali port, the JAFZA and Al Maktoum international airport hence the reduced transfer time. This truly opens a vast array of logistics options for multinational businesses and entitles them to the perks of using multi modal transportation.

JAFZA’s local marketplace benefits

With an environment tailor-made for unbridled commercial growth, JAFZA is a marketplace in itself. A wide variety of businesses operating under a single tag opens a world of networking opportunities. There is personalized support for every business starting from licensing, and infrastructure development to staffing and visa approvals. The business regulations imposed by the DED are utterly corporate-friendly and are conducive to seamless dealing and transactions. JAFZA is always there to connect you to the needed solutions as quickly as possible.

Dubai trade

Dubai trade is a comprehensive and all-inclusive portal for customers registered with JAFZA. You can sign-in easily and have access to a range of services offered by jafza and other organizations like the Dubai customs.

JAFZA mobile app

Apart from the portal, there is also a dedicated app for all the customers from where they can avail of administrative as well as commercial services and solutions.

A vast network of service providers

JAFZA is partnered with multiple organizations including, Dubai customs, Dubai health authority, general directorate of residency and foreigners affairs, Dubai courts and Dubai Police among others.

Company formation in JAFZA

If you want to establish a company in the JAFZA, you will have to choose from the following types of establishments:

Free zone establishment (FZE)

It’s a limited liability company and allows a single shareholder.

Free zone company (FZco)

It allows up to 50 shareholders and is a limited liability company within the free zone. It has a presence that is distinct from its shareholders.

Public listed company (PLC)

It can have two or more shareholders and is a limited liability company. It can open it’s shares to the public through the stock exchange.

Branch of a company

A branch is an entity of its parent company. It’s completely owned by the parent company and operates accordingly.

Once you have opted for your desired establishment type, the next step would be licensing.

What type of license you will get mainly depends on the businesses activities that you will engage in. There are primarily three kinds of licenses. Those are trade, service and industrial.

Trading license

Allows import and export of specified goods.

General trading license

Allows the holder to deal in a wider range of products.

Service license

Allows the holder to perform the services specified.

Industrial license

Allows importation of raw materials for manufacturing new products.

Logistics license

Permits the holder to undertake logistics of goods.

E-commerce license

Allows the holder to buy and sell goods over an electronic system.


 The JAFZA is constantly growing in stature with diverse businesses from all over the world operating under its jurisdiction. It has all ends covered from infrastructure to transportation and communication to networking for exponential corporate growth. Situated in Dubai, the business capital of the UAE, it thrives in a prosperous economy enabling businesses to traverse boundaries and reach to the heart of the market. It’s a surefire way of development and progress for any ambitious business regardless of its size and vision for growth.

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