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Can I get my Visa medical test done in Dubai if I have an Abu Dhabi Resident Visa?

Yes - several medical test centers in Dubai will also be valid for Abu Dhabi resident visa holders and Abu Dhabi Investor and Freelancer visa holders.

Two of the best medical centers in Dubai for Abu Dhabi Visa holders at the moment are as follows:

A) IBN Battuta Mall Medical Centre
B) Salah Al Din Medical Centre

You must prepare the medical test application form on the same day inside the medical center.
You must inform the medical center that the test is for your Abu Dhabi Visa.


How do I apply for a labor quota so I can apply for my new employee visa?

You can apply for the labor quota application through the Tasheel portal or Tasheel offices across the country. You'd need to specify the amount, gender, and professions of your candidates for your Quota application. Please be advised however that the requested professions would need to be compatible with your license activities.

For applying the quota you'd require a copy of your trade license along with translated project contracts that show your need for the amount required. Your office will be also inspected by Taqyeem which is a department from MOHRE to evaluate your office if it fills the requirement for your Quota

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I had deposited Dh10,000 / Dh20,000 for my investor/partner visa. I heard that as per the new rule, no deposit for an investor/partner visa. Can I refund my old deposit from Immigration?

Yes, you can refund. follow the same above steps. If you have family under your sponsorship, you should deposit Dh3020 for each. Then you can refund your visa deposit.

You cannot refund your deposit if there is an overstay or other violation in your company file.

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I had deposited Dh10,000 / Dh20,000 for my investor/partner visa. I heard that as per the new rule, no deposit for an investor/partner visa. I don't have dependents under my sponsorship. Can I refund my deposit from Immigration?.

Yes, you can refund.


How many managers can be put in the Memorandum of Association?

Minimum one and maximum five. Article No 235 of the Commercial Companies Law states the following: "An LLC shall be managed by one manager or more, who shall be selected from the partners or otherwise, provided that they do not exceed five. Managers shall be appointed in the Memorandum of Association of the company or a separate contract for a specific period or without limitation."

Article No 236 of the same law states that if a manager is appointed in the Memorandum of Association without limitation of a specific period, in such an event, the manager shall remain in the company for the duration of the company unless the Memorandum of Association provides for the possibility to remove the individual.


I have received my new visa stamped on my passport but waiting for original Emirates ID can I still travel?

Yes you can travel Thier is no restrictions, But you may not be able to use E-gate for entry and exit in the Airport.


I Am renewing my son visa and he is 17 years old hence he needs to go for Medical screening?

No, Medical is not require for the applicant below 18 however he will go for Biometric capturing if he has not done before.

Business setup in Dubai

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