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Why Trust Global Link with your Translation Requirements

General Translation

The concept of general translation refers to the translation of non-specialized texts without terminological difficulties.

Our general translation procedures match all types of translations. We translate your text with the same attention to detail as all other texts.

Legal translation

Like any other type of translation work, is the replacement of the source language with the target language.

We can provide certified translation and translation affidavits for all your legal documents, including certificates, litigation documents and all types of legal documents that must be certified and approved for official use.

Medical Translation

Medical translation requires precision and up-to-date technical knowledge by every member of your translation team.

This type of translation is delivered to qualified and professional translators with long experience in this field, in cooperation with doctors and consultants if necessary….

Financial Translation

Financial translation is a type of technical translation which involves the conversion of documents, statements, reports, and web.

Due to the phenomenon of globalization, companies and banks have headquarters and offices all over the world. The institutions need to translate their documents in numerous languages.

Technical Translation

In general, the translation of material dealing with scientific technical subjects and the use of specialized terms.

We engage our engineers or technicians with experience in their field to ensure that the terms used in the translation are suitable for the type of project or text submitted.

Interpretation Simultaneous

This is used in large-scale conferences and international meetings when two or more languages are spoken.

Simply put, simultaneous interpreting is the process of listening to, comprehending, and instantaneously translating a speaker’s statements into another language.

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